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Paris Texas - FORCE OF HABIT Review

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Paris Texas - Force Of Habit Poster

Force Of Habit Review

Paris Texas has had a fascinating discography so far, with cyanide adding a layer of funk to the hip-hop duo’s work and HEAVY METAL helping rock make its big comeback through rap. FORCE OF HABIT hits in its own unique sound, blending indie rock with Paris Texas’ trademark style. It’s rare that you’ll hear a background bassline in a modern rap verse, but that’s just the sort of change the formula didn’t know it needed.

Thematically, the writing is incredible. The first half builds Paris Texas up, as the artist will “Walk around like I’m the shit” until the bridge’s “Nothing lasts forever” leads to a breakdown as “This world turned me cold, bruh”. Analysing lyrics can get boring, but in a world of Gucci Gang, it’s refreshing to see a rapper that pays attention to their bars and has a coherent message throughout the song.

Paris Texas Force Of Habit Video

It's impossible to judge a modern song properly without paying attention to the music video. Whether you’re looking at Childish Gambino’s 3005 with a sentient teddy bear at a fairground or the completely wacky and unique style of Lil Dicky’s Pillow Talking and Professional Rapper, an interesting video can make all the difference. This song is no exception, with Illimiteworld’s direction going from intimate close-ups to a simple static shot for the second half of the song, splitting FORCE OF HABIT into two clear parts in an engaging and creative way.

Paris Texas Force Of Habit Lyrics

Overall, this isn’t just a great track; it’s accompanied by a fantastic video. Paris Texas is a great upcoming duo, and you’d do well to watch their careers closely in the coming years.

Find the lyrics below:

Paris Texas - Force Of Habit Lyrics


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