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Richard Hell - Blank Generation

Richard Hell - Blank Generation ⁣

Blank Generation is the title track from the debut album by punk band Richard Hell and the Voidoids which released in 1977, but the tracks' roots date back to 1974 when Richard Hell was playing with the legendary band Television before being kicked out the band in 1975.⁣

This track is sick if you’re a fan of classic punk this needs to be added into your playlist, it pretty much inspired Pretty Vacant by the Sex Pistols, Richard Hel has been quoted as the Godfather of punk and even helped the genre find it’s home in CBGBs New York.. ⁣

You need to check out the whole album. It has a sick cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival's “Walking On The Water” which is always great to hear a punk interpolation of a country rock song. ⁣

Classic punk always needs more attention especially these days, are you a fan of this?⁣


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