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Shame - Human For A Minute Poster & Review

I'm extremely proud of how these posters I made based on the band @shame

Shame is one of the best British punk bands of recent memory and their recent album; Drunk Tank Pink is no exception to their dominance in this scene.⁣

Human For A Minute is one of the softer songs from this collection, however that doesn't soften the impact If anything it's in Shames softer notes where we find a reflective post-punk tone, cliche but think 80s soaked goth/post punk along lines of Joy Division. The droning vocals of this track are ensaring as they deliver the same message over and over “ I’m half the man I should be” ⁣

Shame always bring a lovely bass tone to the mix a The songs semantics hint that it's about feeling like an outsider? A coward? Or guilty? It’s hard to tell.⁣

Overall This and Drunk Tank Pink and The eleven tracks that make up the album are lyrically rich and atmospheric. They have a bittersweet feel to them, the perfect blend of being both bleak and relatable. This post punk style is exemplified in Drunk Tank Pink, as we can see in the artists influences, most notably Joy Division and The Cure.⁣


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