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Sheck West - Mud Boy - Album Review

What did you think of this album?

I was excited to listen to this album after I saw it getting traction online, but upon first listen I was thoroughly disappointed, apart from a couple of highlights on this which are Never Lost & Burn Slow (Interlude)... and that's about it for me...

This is probably the most stale & uninspired album I've heard in 2018, sounding like a lethargic Asap Ferg, I couldn't recommend anyone listening to this as a whole project featuring lazy lyricism, wasted beats and even failing to capture basic trap tropes with no energy that it relies so heavily upon. There's also this really annoying motif throughout the whole album of Sheck adlibbing "Mudboy" in this weird way.

Starting off this album is the track "Mindfucker" which starts off with atmospheric hums and a trap beat, being my first listen ever to Sheck I thought this could be kind of cool. unfortunately when the verse comes in it couldn't grip me.

Live Sheck Wes thankfully has more energy and a simple hook "live Sheck Wes, bitch I'm dying Sheck Wes" and a beat sounding like it was sampled out of a John Carpenter movie. -

The song Wanted just sounds too much like Mindfucker tonally and Chippi Chippi is just boring and a crawl to listen to.

Thankfully this album isn't all bad. Never Lost manages to differentiate itself with a distorted trap rhythm and has a softer tone on this song, which works really well almost as if he's trying to be Kid Cudi from a song Passion Pain & Demon Slaying. He manages to show his most versatile side on this switching up flows. definitely a highlight but it's ruined again by those mudboy adlibs.

The only other saving grace I can find is Burn Slow. Which is an interlude, when one of the only highlights I can find in an album is the interlude then... fuck. but again it's slow but the writing in this track is solid, and showing his most versatile again just like Never Lost.

I wouldn't recommend this album as a whole project for anyone to listen to but don't let me decide what you listen to. Go check it out and let us know what your thoughts were.


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