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Ski Patrol - Agent Orange

Proud of this piece I made for the track by Ski Patrol titled Agent Orange, should probably review as I’m on fire in this heat.

If you’re looking for some good old post punk vibes then look no further than Agent Orange by Ski Patrol. The macabre introduction to the song is the best way to start this, the droning drums adding a thick layer of tension to the track, whilst the vocalist Ian Lowery brings in this soft shroud of vocals that emphasise the droning of this track, exclamations “agent orange, I’m on fire” over and over before moving onto the verse.

As the track goes on the instrumentation starts to get more intense with guitar licks that seem to bend out and lose their tuning and we get treated to a faster drum beat that starts to slowly add the intensity more and more.

By the end of the track, everything is going at 11, the culmination of all these building blocks starts to show and it’s an amazing coda and such a sick song.

If you’re in desperate need of some post punk vibes then this is definitely one to listen to.


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