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Snny - Model Home Review

Snny is an artist that just released his debut album Water Is Styled Honey. However this is far from Snnys first steps in the scene, and this shows through the perfect execution of this release.⁣

Model Home is one of my favourite tracks from this album. It accentuates the best sides of Snny. It’s a track that’s smooth as hell, and personally, I’m in love with the beat on this. It’s got an old-style R&B groove with this warbled melody that works so well and when the verse kicks in it get’s driven a little more and this works so well.⁣

Snny & Topaz Jones both bring great vocal performances on this and the mix of Snnys singing with Topaz's rapping and this comes together nicely when they perform the same lyrics in different styles, such "Saturdays, With your mind on empty, Spirit on extra, body on me" and "Sundays, With your mind on next week, Spirit on holy, body on weak". That interpolation in the track just hits differently. This is definitely not a track to miss if you’re looking for some modern slow vibes to chill to. The lyrics get stuck in your head, it's a head bobber⁣

Also, check out this little poster I did for it trying to call on risograph techniques⁣


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