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Spiritual Cramp - Phone Lines Down Review

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Spiritual Cramp Phone Lines Down EP Cover
Spiritual Cramp Phone Lines Down EP Cover

The best punk band in the world currently Spiritual Cramp who constantly delivers, time after time with those bumpin' on sunset aggressive punk vibes have just dropped a new track. This time it’s titled Phone Lines Down and god damn I can never get enough of this band and now I’m back to where I started diving into their back catalogue along with this on repeat.

Spiritual Cramp Announce A New 7 Inch EP ‘Phone Lines Down’ & ‘Nah That Ain’t It’.

Following up on their amazing 2021 record with This time around Spiritual Cramp have announced a new 7 Inch record whilst simultaneously signing with Blue Grape Music titled ‘Phone Lines Down’ & ‘Nah That Ain’t It’, so we definitely there’s definitely 2 tracks on this.

Spiritual Cramp Poster for Phone Lines Down & Nah That Aint It

With the release of ‘Phone Lines Down,’ we see Spiritual Cramp release their raucous energy across a short and concise 2 minutes and 3 seconds that is absolutely class and shows lead singer Mike Bingham at the t

op of his game along with his goons from San Fransisco including bassist Michael Fenton, guitarist Stewart Kuhlo, guitarist Jacob Breeze, Blaine Patrick on drums and the most important Max Wickham on tambourine.

The track is about being sick of looking at your phone and the band delivers this in such an intense way but it’s definitely a lot more fun this time adding in some synths for good measure that echo throughout the track. Can’t recommend this enough. Get it in your playlist.

Listen To Spiritual Cramp - Phone Lines Down

Listen to Spiritual Cramp - Phone Lines Down On Youtube

Listen to Spiritual Cramp - Phone Lines Down On Spotify

A Little Bit About Spiritual Cramp Signing To Blue Grape Music

Blue Grape Music is a new record founded by veterans of Roader Runner records with another band that seems to follow the same ethos as Spiritual Cramp and that is Code Orange. Seems like this label is building a roster of bands that are collaborative, exceptionally creative and disruptive. Definitely keep your eyes on this label.


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