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Spiritual Cramp - Television - Album Review

The Best Punk Album Of 2018

@spiritualcramptv sound is so refreshing to me, it blends classic and contemporary punk sounds perfect that make Spiritual Cramp stand out from any band I've heard. This is such an important album to me.

I've talked about the band previously on this page talking about their EP "Police S

tate" as being the best punk EP of 2018, now I guess we have the best punk record of 2018.

This record contains two of their EPs. Mass Hysteria & Police State and has four new songs plus a Sex Pistols "Pretty Vacant" cover which is a fuzz tone soaked rendition of the original with modern twists and unique vocals and a Billy Bragg "Lovers Town Revisited" cover.

Their previous two EPs were mint and Television extends on the authentic punk rock sound, paying homage to peers and legends in the same genre. You need to check out these new songs, especially the title track it has this sinister groove and coupled with the vocals "I don't feel safe anywhere I go" will be etched into your brain.

This band excites me more than any new band, in such a short amount of time they've been killing it and developing their sound. Please check out this record and show love to the band because I want more music from them.


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