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Spotify Vs Apple Music

Which one are you? Apple or Spotify?

These two streaming giants both have their pro's and cons and it's entirely down to preference to which one you use.

When it comes to it both platforms are both lacking in older artists material such as mixtapes from rappers which you can only find on platforms such as @Datpiff or even albums only found on @Bandcamp whether down to legal reasons or an artists negilence. So I'd recommend seeing if any of your favourite artists have an expanded discography that you may be missing out on if you're only using these platforms.

However, it's hard to deny the prominence in these streaming services and the effects they have had on how we listen to music giving access to millions of songs at our fingertips.

When it comes down to it IMO Apple Music would be my go-to platform and that is just based off the library size as I filled up Spotify's 10K song library limit, compared to Apple Musics 100K song library limit when I was putting my music archive into the app and got the error message I was disappointed as I was having such a positive time using Spotify.

On comparisons to the two Spotify reigns supreme and I have to believe that's down to the user interface and it's discover feature. It's so much easier to navigate than Apple Music and it seems to even run faster, even on Apple's own devices which is pretty shameful.

Apple offers 3 weekly playlists made for you and they never seem to capture what you actually want to listen to "New Music, Favourites Mix, Chill Mix" but Spotify on the other hand offer daily mixes which puts whatever you're listening to into genres and they offer a discover feature that actually is tailored to my taste and doesn't have big artists just dominating those spots.

In conclusion and in my personal opinion Spotify is king of discovering new music and Apple Music is my archive of music. Beats 1 on Apple music is a nice touch the 24/7 radio show but is quite lacklustre and nobody I know uses it.


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