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Super Natural Psycho - Rendezvous With The Sun - Album Review

Super Natural Psycho are a band that needs to be introduced to you, and for good reason. This debut album that they've brought out "Rendezvous With The Sun" is an amazing body of work. I've listened to it every day since it's release and only just started to really be able to process all of the dynamics going on.

It's unlike anything I've ever heard but it's a combination of genres working in tandem.

From the get, the album sets up a load of classic psychedelic tones. The intro song "A Strange Space" works so well as an opener to the album. Building up with a steady beat and little weird guitar scratches and picking going on, packaged with some phasers and a muddy bass line.

The vocal work on this album is so sick and the singers compliment each other so well with the two singers layering over each other at different ends.

I love how they've transformed previous songs off of EPs and singles to translate into this new found style they've found. With songs such as EGO which comes from their 2016 EP As It Is, which the original was Everybody Gets One ditches the muddy raw tone for a cleaner sound which is welcomed.

Also with Rose Stoned which was a song from a 2017 EP has evolved into something a lot more pure sounding and both versions of these songs are amazing to listen to depending on what mood you're in. With WDYL and Black Cherry Mourning they keep the tones that were set up for them on the 2017 Demo.

Sunshine is probably one of the best songs I've heard the janky guitar in that song and the chorus of "out in the sunshine" just gives me good vibes.

Honestly there isn't a bad song in this record and I'd go as far to say that this is album of the year for 2018🔥 Do yourself a favour and check out @supernaturalpsycho.

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