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SZA Forgiveless Meaning Ft Ol Dirty Bastard

Updated: Feb 16

SZA Forgiveless Meaning & Review 

SZA's "Forgiveless": A Bold and Confident Finale

SZA closes out her highly-anticipated album "SOS" with the unapologetic "Forgiveless". Featuring a posthumous verse from the legendary Ol' Dirty Bastard, this track is a raw, hip-hop-infused statement that stands out from the largely R&B sound of the album.

Forgiveless Has The The Ol' Dirty Bastard Factor

The inclusion of Ol' Dirty Bastard's (ODB) verse in "Forgiveless" is a masterstroke. His unique style and iconic flow effortlessly blend with SZA's fierce vocals, creating a captivating contrast of eras and energies. ODB's freestyle serves as a reminder of rap's roots and adds a touch of nostalgia to the modern track.

Listen to SZA Forgiveless

Raw Lyrics and SZA’s Unapologetic Attitude

"Forgiveless" is a bold anthem about refusing to apologize for success. SZA's lyrics are sharp and uncompromising as she asserts her dominance and celebrates her achievements. It's a departure from the vulnerability we see in some of her other work on "SOS", proving her range and versatility as an artist.

A Departure from the "SOS" Sound

The hip-hop energy of "Forgiveless" is a major shift in tone from the rest of "SOS," which focuses heavily on R&B and softer elements. This unexpected track makes the album feel less predictable and adds another dimension to SZA's sonic landscape and making it stand out highly.

"Forgiveless" is a confident and unapologetic addition to SZA's already-impressive discography. The surprising inclusion of ODB, the sharp lyrics, and the change in genre create a captivating finale to "SOS" that leaves a lasting impression.

SZA Forgiveless Lyrics Meaning

SZA's "Forgiveless" boldly addresses the themes of reclaiming ownership, facing consequences head-on, and refusing to back down. The lyrics showcase a fierce persona unafraid of challenges or conflict. SZA embraces her success and her dominance, asserting she doesn't care about external opinions or playing by the rules.

Confronting Consequences & Enemies: Lines like "I don't care 'bout consequences" and "Gotta watch how you whisper when you around me" suggest an indifference to societal norms. The mention of burning bridges emphasizes her willingness to sever ties for the sake of personal truth.

Self-Belief & Protection: SZA references protection, both spiritually ("angels surround me") and through those willing to fight for her. There's an unapologetic confidence in her lyrics, and she draws a clear line between herself and those she perceives as "average" or lacking independence.

Forgiveness vs. Unforgetfulness

Although the core message emphasizes strength and refusal to be wronged, the chorus highlights a nuanced point. It introduces the duality of potential forgiveness without full reconciliation. SZA may be willing to move past a transgression, but she refuses to fully forget or allow a return to the same situation ("I might forgive it, I won't forget it").

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[Intro: Ol' Dirty Bastard]

Ayy, dawg, yo, yo, yo

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo

I'm the original G-O-D

Makin’ young ladies scream is my specialty

When I go da-da-da-da-da-da-da, girls get hype

I'm the funky rap music, stereotyped

When I kill that ol' mad rugged flow

Not sayin’ Ason, duck of the disco

Or the disco duck, strictly hip-hop

Baby, baby, I can't stop

[Verse: SZA]

I don't care 'bout consequences, I want my lick back

I don't mind who's watchin', get to pushin' your wig back

I don’t mind burnin’ bridges, love my enemies, center peace

Call that bitch my kid, she ain't no kin to me

Gotta watch how you whisper when you around me, though

Give a fuck what you prefer, I’m too profound to go

Back and forth with no average dork

It goes spells and sorcery, hug your rosariеs

I don't mind competition, it is what it is

You don't mind second fiddle, that's why you a bitch

You don’t think for yoursеlf and that's none of my business

You take it I dish it, I'm genie, three wishes

Better watch how you think out loud if it's 'bout me, though

Got a couple that's outside, they kill about me, though

I don't need nobody help, angels surround me, though

Back and forth it go, it's hard, I know

[Chorus: SZA]

I thought I told you before

It's not gon' end how you want

Not in the dark anymore

I might forgive it, I won't forget it

I thought I told you before

It's not gon' end how you want

Not in the dark anymore

I might forgive it, I won't forget it

[Outro: Ol' Dirty Bastard]

This is that old West Coast, East Coast

North Coast, South Coast shit

Yo, yo, this is that ol' boogie nights

Suppose to boogie old type shit

Yo, yo, yo, I wanna give a special shoutout

All my niggas and niggarettes

All race, creed and colors

It's all love, my nigga


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