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The Clash - 1997 Review

As the new year approaches I want to turn my focus to my favourite band of all time, The Clash. Mainly one song about bringing i n the new year. 1977 was a track that got released as a single and many people mistake this for being on their 1977 album the clash, but it came just before that.⁣

Short, snappy and authentic to them as Strummers raw vocals shatter out “No Elvis, Beatles, or the Rolling Stones“ if only this were true, the Stones are still kicking around in their decaying bodies whilst being boosted with bull testosterone.⁣

I see this song as an end of an era though. The beginnings of punk were to cast out the old traditions set in stone by our society and The Clash, clearly bored of old rock music, wanted something new. That’s why 1977 is such a crucial turning point in music history. ⁣

What songs do you think made the classic punk era?⁣


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