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The Death Of The Classic

Is it just me or has there been no really classic albums lately? Or is it just too early to tell? We consume music so fast these days and move onto the next and the next new sound, do we give artists enough time to really become solidify themselves.⁠

I mean obviously there are bands out there that I love right now and I feel like I’m always going to listen to their stuff, but there’s no telling if I will or not. We can hear something we love and forget about it a month later, like what is that about? I guess reviewing music and constantly trying to find new sounds and artists can take its toll,but also I guess I made this for a preservation reason, to preserve the music that I love and being able to look back through my feed and see some things that I may have skimmed through previously.⁠

What do you guys think? Is mass consumption killing our love for music or is it creating a more personal approach to listening?🔥⁠


Let me know what you think!⁠



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