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The Ruts - Jah War Review

The Ruts were an english punk band that don’t get enough credit as they deserve, maybe due to awful reunion albums etc but all that aside in the 80’s these guys ruled.

In 1979 The Ruts released an album titled The Crack and this has so many good songs on it. H-Eyes, S.U.S, Human Punk Out Of Order and the one i'm here to talk about today. Jah War.⁠⠀

Like a lot of punk bands from this era they were influenced heavily by Reggae hence the reference of Jah.

Plus from the instrumental side it’s obvious from the grooving bassline and the calling dub guitars. As a punk song of course this has a message. At the time they used this to critique the the Metropolitan Police's Special Patrol Group's violence in Southall disturbances in April 1979.⁠⠀

You should check out their album The Crack to see what else The Ruts were capable of. Jah War is only a glimpse into what is on that album.⁠⠀


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