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The Smiths - This Night Has Opened My Eyes Review

The Smiths are legendary, that's to say the least, Morrisey, he's a bit of a dickhead but in this band his morose vocal harmonies inspired a whole other generation of reflective indie pop and probably most of the bands that I listen to now. ⁣

Johnny Marrs influence of jangling guitar lines echoed through the indie scene aswell, from classic lines on This Charming Man, the simple strums of There Is A Light and the driving acoustic classic Bigmouth Strikes Again.⁣

One of my favourite tracks that showcases the more sullen sides to The Smiths is the track This Night Has Opened My Eyes.⁣

I love this track because it sucks you into the atmosphere of it so easily, Morrisey's down cast voice get's introduced straight away along with a walking bassline.⁣


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