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Thin Lizzy - Wild One Review And Poster

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Thin Lizzy, one of the greatest rock bands to ever grace the radio back in the day. I had to pick a song to review from these that isn’t Whiskey In The Jar. ⁣

The track opens up with a clashing guitar riff that acts as such a good intro this track, sounding like it’s been washed in pitch shifting goodness, it manages to layer itself on top of itself to create a nervous tension before getting to the folk fueled main body of this track.⁣

Hearing the late Phil Lynott sing this humble classic of a love song is a treat, with his soft voice sinking into lyrics like “For I would beg for you, I would steal and I would borrow, I'd do anything at all, anything at all, To end this sorrow” ⁣

The track highlights the difficulty of being away from someone you love, the haunting guitar at the start cements this, but it only gets sweeter in an almost morosing way throughout. It doesn’t come off too sappy nor cheesy. ⁣

The song can also be seen as being about the Wild Geese who were soldiers in Irish history that left Ireland to serve in continental European armies. The lyric " can we carry on when you are gone, my Wild One.." can be interpreted to the flight of the geese and when Ireland was leaderless.⁣

Love this damn track and love Thin Lizzy. If you’ve not heard this then give it a try.⁣

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