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Title Fight - Hyperview Review

Hopefully we get a new @titlefightfanclub album this year 👀🙏🏻 Hyperview by Title Fight is one of my favourite albums, it signified the growth of Title Fight when they said they wanted to be more than just a band in the scene. It was a departure from what fans were used to, even if they flirted with the shoegaze sound before on tracks such as "Head In The Ceiling Fan" and "Inbetween" nobody really ever thought they would of gone this deep into it.-Hyperview exuded this muddy sound that paid off, you can tell that the structure of this album and the track list were well thought out, starting off with Murder Your Memory which is the best way to start an album is with this slow, moody track that sets the tone and showcases perfectly the shift in sound compared to their last album.-With droning bass lines seen in the track Hypernight and shimmering chords Hyperview sets itself apart with tracks such as Chlorine which was the first single and even the video to accompany this track was trippy, if you've not seen it, it features a man who keeps waking up on a boat doing the same routine over and over. The dynamics are sick and everything just fits. Rose of Sharon is another stand out single with the bridge slowing down the song completely with lyrics such as "try hard not to care, the world won't cease to turn" ringing out.-Check out Hyperview today if you like a deep shoegaze sound. Here's hoping for a new Title Fight album this year.-


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