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Title Fight - Like A Ritual Review & Design

Title Fight - Like A Ritual is a track that comes off their phenomenal record Floral Green which released in 2012. This era for Title Fight comes from when they flirted with shoegaze elements but still wanted to stay true to those hardcore roots.

The album that resulted was an interesting punk/emo record that had so many classics on it. Like A Ritual, Make You Cry, Head In The Ceiling Fan & In-between. Lemme just get this straight. There’s absolutely nothing bad about this album.

Now that’s out the way, Like A ritual boasts some of the best guitar tones I’ve ever heard.

We’re introduced to quite a fat and filled-out guitar section and then a solo overlapping that’s a little bit more fuzzed out. It’s smooth and it’s absolutely tasty.

The chorus of this track plays in my head over and over after I’ve listened to it. “And your voice in the back of my head, wishing things could be quiet. And your voice, murdering the silence, consistent like a ritual” Title Fights lyricism and vocals have always been able to set them apart from other bands in their space.

It’s towards the end of the song where we get those little flirtations of those shoegaze elements they were playing around with long before the Hyperview record. When the song starts to slow down, feedback starts to flange and fade and the track comes to a close. Leaving an amazing impression.

Also I designed this quick little poster. Definitely not my best work but I’m always learning


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