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Total Rubbish - Honey Ryder Review

@Total.Rubbish recently released their debut single Honey Ryder which is named after the first ever bond girl from Dr No.⁣

Mate, let me tell you, it’s easy to get lost in this song from the start, the instrumentals work so well to pull you in, there’s a proper groove to the song that’s accented by this sustained guitar riff. ⁣

Honey Ryder definitely has some of the best fuzz tones that I have ever heard. This track is drowning in distorted rotary grungy riffs but with the melodic vocals the song comes off and as very laid back. ⁣

This is a great taste of their talent and I’m more than excited for their EP Triple Negative coming out on @bornlosersrecords. Stream this now and then for a taste of what inspired it. Take a look at the sick playlist they curated on Spotify⁣


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