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Total Rubbish - Triple Negative EP Review

One of my favourite bands that came out of 2020 released their debut EP in November last year and the sound just clicked. @total.rubbish deserve your attention.

Triple Negative is a love letter to alternative rock. Diving deep into shoegaze, grunge and hard rock. This thing is full of killer riffs, in your face distortion and good song writing.

Whether it’s from the absolute dreamscape of “ Someone Else's Dream” that’s a chilled out ride and an exploration into more shoegaze tones. Or the fuzzy “What's Your Damage” which is an explosively energetic track that just has me humming it over and over no matter how many times I listen to it.

The following track “Kids” still emulates the chilled out tone from Someone Elses Dream but is faster in tempo and has a proper 70’s fuzzed out guitar line.

My favourite track on this “Bad Luck Baby” which is probably the hardest track, featuring a really simple yet effective driving rhythmic riff that is mixed so well over these shoegaze-esque vocals that are washed out and faded. Each member of the band shines so well on this track, there’s a sick ass guitar solo, the drums have these perfect fills and the bass is carrying this nicely.

And the last track which is also an instant classic. Honey Ryder definitely has some of the best fuzz tones that I have ever heard. This track is drowning in distorted rotary grungy riffs but with the melodic vocals the song comes off and as very laid back. ⁣

All in all this band is sick and they have a liveset on valentines day with a bunch of great artists. This band is not to be missed out on.


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