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Truth Cult - Walk The Wheel Album Review

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Truth Cult - the Baltimore-based post-hardcore band - has come up with their new sophomore album Walk The Wheel for Pop Wig Records. And if you are looking for an electrifying, energetic, and downright infectious punk rock album to get you through the day, then you really need to check this album out!

Truth Cult band poster with all 5 members for the latest album Walk The Wheel

Whether you are a fan of Truth Cult or listening to their high-energy punk music for the first time, we were major advocates for the previous album Off Fire which was genuinely one of the sickest releases of 2020 and I'm so glad they've followed up on that Walk The Wheel.

Here are our thoughts on Truth Cult - Walk The Wheel:

You Should Definitely Listen To Walk The Wheel.

Truth Cult's "Walk The Wheel" is a blistering collection of 11 punk-infused post-hardcore tracks that showcase the band's raw energy and emotional intensity. From the opening notes of "Squeeze" to the cathartic closer "Medicine,"

Let's take a look track by track:

1. Squeeze

From the moment the opening riff of "Squeeze" hits your ears with its flanging-driven slide, it had me hooked. The first song of Walk the Wheel is punchy and fast and carries a lot of attitude and gusto. It is heavy on bass and perfect if you are in the mood for something energetic, raw, and intense.

Lyrically the song is about feeling trapped and squeezed out as suggested by the lyrics "Maybe one day, It’ll wash away, Take my keys and don’t lock me up" and then the second part of this track is about breaking free from that pressure "They’re knockin’ down on my door, and I’m runnin’".

2. Resurrection

Next up is "Resurrection." which was featured on their Tour 22 Tape. While the song has dark or sad lyrics such as "Sometimes loss and connection, Can feel like a resurrection, Use me for your protection." the music is uplifting and hopeful.

There's this sick guitar riff that gets introduced about 1:34 in the track and it's absolutely class what this little solo starts breaking down into before going back into this.

3. Heavy Water

This track has an unusual and jarring dichotomy, a melodious chorus, and lyrics that are all over the place. But the way it comes together creates this incredible fusion of genres and speed and changes everything up in a way that doesn't get boring!

To expand. I love this track by all means. From way, it starts with delayed melodious vocals from Emily Ferrara before swapping into Paris Roberts acting as a call and response in this track. A great track from the start but when you think it's all over at 1:38 the track switches led by a great bass tone before building up and releasing again,

4. Clear Skin

If you just want to listen to pure rock music that is fun and lively, "Clear Skin" is for you. The cool rhythm and the guitar parts that bring in this fuzz tone towards the end of the track is just class.

Clearskin is a pure rock track. Proper explosive, check it out you will love it.

5. Unstoppable

"Unstoppable" is one of our top favourite tracks on this album. The melodic rhythm and clear and crisp vocals give the perfect texture to it compared to Roberts's vocals.

6. Awake, Asleep

This one is different from anything else on this LP. Absolutely caught me off guard to be fair. The vocal delivery is beautiful and these vocals are layered together to perfection. Highly recommended!

It's got this dreamy airy tone to it that's layered behind some amazing drum licks here.

7. Kokaine Kommando

If we had to choose one word to describe this song, it would be "frantic." It has a bit of jazz, some R&B, and a lot of grooves. It is playful, punchy, and so much fun!

There are claps that are being introduced, and the bass line is smooth and keeps that punk edge with the vocal delivery. We even hear a keyboard get introduced to this track which brings the energy alive.

So many Truth Cult tracks on Walk The Wheel have so many codas and this is a pattern that we keep seeing.

8. Naked In the End

Jesus christ this hit what I want to call a Title Fight itch for me. Whilst it's unfair to compare these two bands as they're stylistically completely different but this was hitting me with that shoegaze era of emo when that band released Floral Green.

Again highly recommend this track everything sounds perfect here you can check the visuals out for this below:

Other Songs

Apart from these eight songs, the LP also has three other tracks that are definitely worth your time. including, "Ain't Rubbin’ No Shoulders," "What Is Time?" and "Medicine," which all stand on their right. Just check out the album at this point if you're still reading, this like the bands previous record Off Fire is a classic.

Every song on this album justifies the ever-increasing popularity of this incredible band. With each track, Truth Cult manages to maintain an impenetrably mystic aura, and yet offer us warm high energy, punk music that fuses elements of other genres. One of the band's best qualities is that they're not afraid to experiment and this really shows.

Wrapping up. Listen to Walk The Wheel.

So here you have it. Overall, we loved this album and everything it offers. Overall, Walk The Wheel is a strong album that showcases Truth Cult's talent and versatility.

Another great thing about Truth Cult is that they know how to keep things balanced. Not all of their songs are fast-and-furious punk rock. Some have a nice and slow vibe to them, whatever track it is you can count on the instrumentation and energy to be unmatched. So, what are you waiting for? Turn up the music and enjoy this incredible album. You won't be disappointed!


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