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Turnstile Moon Review

Any Turnstile fans out there?

Over the past couple of years, I've never seen a band be so proactive and successful as the guys from Turnstile.

Year after year, they bring out albums which constantly deliver on all fronts; and even under their different projects of Angel Du$t and Trapped Under Ice, who relatively both recently brought out "Rock The Fuck On Forever" and "Heatwave".

When Turnstile dropped this energetic third single from Time & Space, I was excited as the bassist; Franz Lyonz stepped in for vocals. This switch up creates a much more harmonious shift in Turnstile's typical hardcore sound.

Franz's sense of tone is accentuated so well in the chorus, you can hear it in the way that he uses his voice to such sustain without going out of key from the get-go of this two minute track, even singing an anthemic chorus of "Now there's nothing I can do I’m the man up on the moon"

Check this track out for yourself and let us know what you think. -

Behind The Scenes/ Move On


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