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Turnstile - Out Of Rage Review

When @turnstiletribe dropped their debut LP Nonstop Feeling came out in 2015, it wasn’t clear on just how much of a trailblazing effect they would have in hardcore.This album really showed the world what they had to offer, their raw energy, funky groove and punchiness is what makes Turnstile so great.

Out Of Rage is one of my favourite tracks from Nonstop Feeling. Just from the get go of the track you know you're in for. The distorted bass line at the start, is proper menacing, with the drums slowly building on top of the droning bass, then a guitar slide crescendos almost over. Which causes a shift in the tempo and tone of the song.

As the song picks up the guitars get left ringing, feedbacking in the background whilst that droning bass line has changed up and that's getting faster. The vocals come in and I've got to admit Turnstile have the best vocals in hardcore. With the energy that gets brought to them but still being able to articulate clearly. When the chorus comes in ”youre out of rage” it's almost as if he's going crazy just like Zac De La Rocha from rage against the machine on that bit from Bullet In The Head.

Honestly I can't recommend this band enough if you've not checked out Nonstop Feeling yet you're missing out.


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