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Vein.FM - Errorzone

Vein's ERRORZONE finds its influences squarely at the turn of the century. Equal parts Trustkill, Roadrunner and Three One G, the beauty of this collection lies in its ability to connect the dots. The angular, spiky mess of the locust meets the muscular chug of throwdown, the melodrama of poison the well's 'opposite of december' collides with the refined industrial metal of fear factory's 'demanufacture'. ⁣

Thankfully, hindsight is 20/20 and Vein manages to avoid most of the pitfalls of the aforementioned styles. Riffs bounce but never quite jumpdafuckup, clean vocals remain understated, and the Amen break is implemented in a bold, but subtle fashion. Folks of a certain age might have rolled their eyes several times already during this review. I'm old enough to remember when half of these cultural references were new and I thought they sucked back then, but given the chance, I believe ERRORZONE is diverse and well crafted enough to stand on its own two feet.⁣

Veins Errorzone reviewed by @nolordshalllive


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