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Vince Staples - FM! - Review

This release almost went right over my head, I hadn't seen anything about this album until the day it released. And I consider myself a Vince Staples fan so I would've been gutted to miss out on this.

Anyways this is Vince Staples new album FM! With album artwork looking like it was inspired by Green Days Dookie album with the same sketched out feel.

The vibe of this album is much more refined than his last 2017 record "Big Fish Theory" which had a very concept album sounding feel to it. This one still takes Vinces anarchist style of creativity but to much more of an old school sound. If Big Fish was Vince experimenting then this album is him playing more to his days of Summertime 06 and Hell Can Wait. Which isn't a bad thing at all.

My favourite tracks off this album are Feels Like Summer, Fun!, Don't Get Chipped and No Bleedin. This is a sick album and so different from his last and I love the style this album brings. Check it out 🔥

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