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What Is The Preffered Album Length?

Question Time

Today I want to ask a question.

What is your preferred album length 7 tracks, 12 tracks or 18 tracks?

Albums have had a weird way of being released in this current state of the industry. Either releasing with very little songs on them than what we're used to, coming off more as an EP like all of GOOD Musics 4 , 7 track albums this past summer with Nas, Kids See Ghosts, Ye and Pusha T. Which in my own opinion just feel short and leaves me wanting more from these artists.

But then we get to the flip side of this and we see major artists releasing 15,18 even 21 track albums which I feel dampens the impact of some of the songs on them as they're stuff in claustrophobically, maybe intentionally to get as many streams as they can.

What do you guys prefer? A solid body of work with only 7-10 songs or a load of songs that blend into each other at 18 tracks?

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