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Asap Rocky - Testing: A Distorted Daydream: A Review

Updated: Jan 13

What did you think of Testing by Asap Rocky?

Testing by @Asaprocky was a smash hit for me when it released a few months ago.

I remember being in the toilet at work seeing it had dropped and I praised the lord (no pun intended) that I had something new to blast on the factory line.

Jumping in with Distorted Records

Straight from the get, Rocky sets the tone to Testing in a sputtering distorted synth sound on "Distorted Records" giving shout-outs to bands like The Offsprings and Bad Brains, this track just can't lose. I was quite surprised to find that Rocky had remixed A$AP Forever featuring Moby, T.I & Kid Cudi, also another great song that's quite anthematic and works really well.

That's what I found about this album. Listening to it more after it released that it starts off really strong and has some really solid tunes on it. But the second half falls flat.

Tony Tone And Fukk Sleep

Tony Tone and Fukk Sleep are both a vibe so I can't recommend them enough. Praise The Lord is probably the biggest song on this album featuring UKs own grime master @Skeptagram .

Theres even a story on @Revolttv about how Rocky and Skepta came up with these bars tripping on LSD which you should read it does the album more justice than I could.

CALLDROPS and Kodak Black

We then get to the track CALLDROPS which is an interlude of sorts featuring Kodak Black whilst he was in Prison. I'd say that around track 8 is where the album starts to trip up on its concepts.

I feel Brotha Man is stuck not knowing what type of song it wants to be featuring the "A$AP" voice and some weak performances from both Rocky & French Montana.

I'd Say from track 11 to 15 Rocky is trying to call back to his Long Live A$AP album, Kid's Turned Out Fine is a tune & the same with Changes but I feel like Hun43rd, Black Tux White Collar and Purity fall flat in comparison to the rest of the album.

Overall Testing is a sick album and I'm always excited for anything rocky does.

Asap Rocky Testing FAQ

When was A$AP Rocky's album "Testing" released?

"Testing" by A$AP Rocky was released on May 25, 2018.

What are some of the standout tracks on the album?

Notable tracks on "Testing" include "A$AP Forever," "Praise the Lord (Da Shine)," "Fukk Sleep," and "Testing."

What is the significance of the album title, "Testing"?

The title reflects A$AP Rocky's experimental approach to the music on this album. He explored various sounds, genres, and artistic influences, "testing" new elements in his music.

Who collaborated with A$AP Rocky on this album?

"Testing" features collaborations with several artists, including Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, Skepta, and FKA Twigs, among others


How did "Testing" perform commercially?

"Testing" debuted at number four on the US Billboard 200 chart, demonstrating a solid commercial performance.

What is the album cover's significance?

The album cover features a crash test dummy, possibly symbolizing the experimental nature of the music and A$AP Rocky's willingness to push boundaries in his artistry.

Who Produced Testing by Asap Rocky?

The album "Testing" by A$AP Rocky features a variety of producers who contributed to its diverse sound. Some of the notable producers on the album include Hector Delgado, FNZ, Jim Jonsin, Dean Blunt, and Boi-1da, among others. Each producer brought their unique style and influence to different tracks on the album, contributing to the experimental and eclectic nature of "Testing."


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