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Born X Raised Biggest Collection Fall 2018

@Bornxraised have dropped their biggest collection yet. They go back to doing what they do best with their religious iconography and velour hits and bringing back the classic BXR logo in 3 colour-ways.

My Favourites from this collection has to be the Lamb Of God hoodies, which has some picturesque flowers like the cover of Power Corruption & Lies by New Order with a sleeping lamb up top and a lamb carrying a cross on the bottom, these come in a black and burgundy. BXR also feature the Lamb Of God signature on a patterned shirt which looks sick.

Born X Raised also bring in this collection a "you'll miss us when we're gone" long sleeve which indicates the brand may end in 2023.

Also bringing back the waffle thermal sweatshirts from their lost winter drop which all look cosy.


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