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Boygenius The Rest Review

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Finding the Meaning of The Rest

Boygenius in Boygenius fashion dropped a surprise out of nowhere whilst in the middle of a tour that they’re releasing a brand new EP titled The Rest. This leaves me to speculate if these are B-Sides from The Record that we never got before.

Boygenius The Rest Tracklist

The Rest is going to contain 4 unreleased tracks which just have the power trio written all over them. These are:

1. Black Hole

2. Afraid of Heights

3. Voyager

4. Powers

Boygenius The Rest Review and Meaning of the EP.

This EP comes off the heels off of The Record which contains two of my favourite tracks of all time including Not Strong Enough and our Letters To An Old Poet analysis. The Rest by Boygenius was produced by Boygenius with Tony Berg, Jake Finch, Ethan Gruska, Calvin Lauber, Collin Pastore, and Marshall

Boygenius - The Rest Review

Boygenius The Rest starts off where The Record left off. Emotional and a big cathartic release of passion. Let's dive into the EP track by track and find out what the meaning of these songs on The Rest by Boygenius actually mean.

Boygenius - The Rest - Black Hole

Black Hole is the first track off of The Rest and it starts off with Julien singing “In a rainstorm, suckin' down a dart on the back porch. Out here, it gets so dark” carrying that theme of darkness throughout this Black Hole like a void that’s been made in your life whilst she sings like an angel.

Verse 2 of this track sees Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus singing in unison with the last two lines seeming to be about mental instability and needing to hear someone’s voice “My thoughts, all noise, fake smile, decoys, Sometimes, I need to hear your voice.

Boygenius - The Rest - Afraid Of Heights

Track 2 from The Rest by Boygenius is Afraid of Heights. This track sees Lucy’s signature voice carry the intro “It made you wanna test my courage, You made me climb a cliff at night, You wanted me to jump and I declined, You called me a coward, I replied"I don't wanna live forever, But I don't wanna die tonight"

Afraid Of Heights by Boygenius seems to be about not feeling good enough and being belittled. With the whole band singing gang vocals sweetly for the last verse “You called me a crybaby, But you're the one who got teary, Tellin' me what you believe, How we're stuck in entropy, How it hurts to hope, Oh, it hurts to hope for more, Oh, it hurts to hope the future, Will be better than before”

Boygenius - The Rest - Voyager

The 3rd track from Boygenius - The Rest we get a sweet little Phoebe Bridgers focused track, I could listen to this woman forever she has such a nice voice.

With the intro verse from Phoebe being backed up by Lucy and Julien humming softly “It's a hundred and three in the Valley, Blacktop is meltin' on our shoes (Mmm)

And I don't mean to make it all about me (Mmm) But I used to believe no one could love you like I do (Mmm) And I'm startin' to think that it might be impossible not to”

Which the last two lines makes it seem impossible for phoebe to stop loving someone, this is backed up by the second verse “When you stepped on the gas and you asked if I'm ready to die (Mmm) You thought I'd never leave and I let you believe you were right (Mmm)” showing that she stayed in a relationship even though it’s bad for her. The last line in this song is heart wrenching “You took it from me, but I would've given it to you (Mmm)” which connotes people taking and taking when you would give them everything.

Boygenius - The Rest - Powers

Powers is the last track off of The Rest by Boygenius. This track is carried by a muted acoustic guitar with Bridgers signature singing questioning life and how this mess started “How did it start? Did I fall into a nuclear reactor? Crawl out with acid skin or somethin' worse, A hostile alien ambassador?, Or am I simply another of the universe's failed experiments?” Showing that she doesn’t feel like she’s fitting into earth.

Baker in the second verse comes in and sings “Dissolvin' in movement, a body in orbit, Or a roach on his way to the gutter” which shows that she’s going to the bottom or circling around.

The last verse on this track sees everyone singing “Life flashin' before the eye of whatever comes after, The force of our impact, the fissionThe hum of our contact, the sound of our collisions” which is about being in love and touched by someone you care about.

Listen to The Rest By Boygenius

Overall I have to say that Boygenius has done it again and absolutely smashed it with The Rest. It’s a cathartic listen and well worth your time. I can not recommend this band enough. Check out The Rest by Boygenius after checking out our review.

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