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Citizen - Calling The Dogs Album Review

Updated: Jan 13

Calling The Dogs By Citizen Review

On Calling The Dogs, Citizen is playing around a lot more with catchy choruses whilst maintaining their tone in lyricism lot of the songs do find themselves treading into this dancey emo territory quite a lot. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with this sound and I’m one of Citizen’s biggest fans so believe me it’s the songs that break this formula which end up standing out the most on Calling The Dogs.

Trust me Calling The Dogs is very much worth your time. From the intro song Headtrip to slower songs such as Lay Low and Options to faster tracks such as Dogs and Bad Company to the final track Takes One To Know One. Citizen have created an amazing body of work comprised of 11 tracks.

My Favourite Tracks on Citizen - Calling The Dogs

Some of my favourite tracks on this record include: Lay Low which shares its name with a Fiddlehead song. This one starts off quite a bit mellow compared to other tracks on the album but I’m in love with the chorus on this track ”Why don't you bang this into your head?

Into your brain, right through your skull. Lay low.”

Another one of my favourite tracks on Calling The Dogs is titled Bad Company which is an anthemic song that's catchy as hell, I love the structure of this song, the execution is beyond great.

Right After Bad Company we have possibly one of my favourite Citizen songs with Dogs that can definitely fit right into my workout playlist. This has an aggressive bass line that’s fuzzed out and muted, carrying the bottom layer of this song that’s accentuated by these staggered drums. Has a confident set of vocals that build up quite fast. Definitely need a separate review to write about this song properly.

I always love Citizen at their most introspective and emotional, some of my favourite tracks from them include the likes of Weave Me (Into Yr Sin), How Does It Feel?, Flowerchild & Thin Air. And within that same vein on Calling The Dogs, Citizen gives us the track Options. This track has a driven bassline that’s almost tickling in and out with a guitar that’s building up being picked rather than strummed. Kereke's vocals here are mellow and slow.

“I don't want to be the second option anymore, And I don't want to leave out of your back door, that's for sure”. Then song ends with this cathartic build-up of these lyrics in a gang-style of vocals whilst the music swells around them “Take time in a place where your mind hides, I used to know everything, now you don't write We're chasing a feeling and you know that ain't right, I used to know everything, watch it unwind”.

Listen To Calling The Dogs By Citizen

I absolutely love this album and pretty much anything this band does. Calling The Dogs is definitely one of CIitzen’s most diverse records. If you haven’t checked this yet then I highly suggest you do.

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