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Citizen - Life In Your Glass World Review And Posters

Updated: Jan 13

Made some posters for @citizentheband and their new album Life In Your Glass WorlLet me know which is better!🔥 used assets from @blkmarket & on these. Also check out my review below.⁣🔥⁣


Citizen - Life In Your Glass World Review ⁣⁣


Citizen recently released their latest record which is a breath of life in the vein of dancy, high energetic anthems but yet still teeming with substance and enough juice to sink your teeth in and scour the record for the meanings of every track. Life In Your Glass World is a masterpiece that gracefully blends all my favourite sides of Citizen.⁣⁣


A Look Into Life In Your Glass World:⁣⁣

Leaning towards a pop rock vibe, Life In Your Glass World contains the well-oiled machine of orchestration and pomp production that enables Citizen to transport listeners to their place on a mountaintop. From the very first song “Death Dance Approximately” you get a shining example of what Citizen are capable of and is wonderfully catchy with contrasting fuzz tones and clean guitars in the mix. This is unlike anything they’ve done. I can't help but feel they are exploring new territory on this record and it’s a great sign of how far they have come.⁣⁣


If you’re looking for that grungier side of Citizen you’ve probably previously fell in love with then check out Pedestal, it’s got that EIGTH bass tone but then the chorus has some of the more rhythmic guitar tones from As You Please. Two of my favourites on this record have to be; Call Your Bluff, I love the way they build up to this release of the chorus leaving a pause and Thin Air, one the more mellow tracks on this album but it’s comforting.⁣⁣


Check out Life In Your Glass World, it’s a masterpiece from beginning to the cathartic climax of Edge Of The World.

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