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Denzel Curry - TA13OO Review

Updated: May 9, 2023

TA13OO is the latest album from raps most underrated artist @denzelcurryph . This body of work is split up into three chapters like a concept album would be. These chapters are Light, Grey and Dark and I think this is a testament to Denzel that he knows where to delegate tracks and other assets.

Denzel brings high energy and charged lyrics on this album. Each chapter gives off its own vibe that reflects upon their names, Light has the heavy-hearted opening of Taboo and the groovy track Black Balloons which will have you singing "I've been, valentine red" over and over.

Grey is sort of a blurring of the lines between light and dark. (Super Saiyan Superman) opens this chapter with a bouncy spaced-out beat. Switch-It Up and Mad I Got It follows the same structure and rounding off this chapter is Sirens ft JID which has a slower piano type beat and Clout Cobain being one of the singles Denzel released talking about how adversaries want him to commit.

Dark is the most visceral out of the three and starts off with maybe the weakest track on the album Blackest Balloon, feeling just a bit too familiar and I'm probably reaching at straws. But then when this track is done we hear Percz which takes shots at mumble rappers, Vengeance is a heavy track and sets up the coda to this album perfectly with Black Metal Terrorist. Denzel brings speed and charged up lyrics with glitchy sound effects and it's refreshing to hear his energy in a genre that's saturated, Denzel shows why he is steps ahead of other rappers.

This album is a joy to listen to check it out for yourself.

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