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Glitterer I Want To Be invisible Meaning and Review

"I Want To Be Invisible: An Explosive Exploration

Glitterer's opening track on their new album Rationale is a potent declaration of vulnerability and longing. "I Want To Be Invisible" delves into themes of isolation, emotional turmoil, and the search for meaning amidst the chaos.

I Want To Be Invisible Sound and Structure

I Want To Be Invisible Begins with a haunting synth melody, creating an immediate sense of introspection. Layered instrumentation gradually builds, mirroring the escalating desperation of the lyrics. Explosive choruses bring a release of catharsis, with crashing drums and distorted guitars mirroring the speaker's inner turmoil. Despite the intensity, the song cleverly remains minimalist, honing in on its emotional core.

I Want To Be Invisible Lyrics and Themes

The lyrics portray a deep sense of vulnerability and an overwhelming desire to find respite. The speaker longs for a way to escape both external pressures and their own internal battles. The words evoke feelings of loneliness and a desperate search for meaning and belonging within a world that can feel overwhelming.

I Want To Be Invisible is a powerful and evocative piece. It sets the tone for Rationale as an album likely exploring themes of self-discovery, vulnerability, and emotional resilience. Glitterer skillfully blends sonic intensity with introspective lyrics, creating a track that lingers long after it ends.

Glitterer I Want To Be Invisible Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of "I Want To Be Invisible" by Glitterer centers around a deep struggle with self and a desire for escape from overwhelming emotional pressures. The speaker expresses a profound longing for invisibility, a symbolic retreat from the world and their own internal battles. These lyrics speak to the human tendency to seek temporary solace when facing difficult emotions.

The speaker recognizes problematic tendencies within themselves, such as self-centeredness and a self-defeating mindset. This awareness creates inner turmoil and fuels the desire to disappear. However, the speaker also acknowledges the impossibility of permanent escape, hinting at an underlying conflict between wanting to avoid difficult emotions and a subtle recognition of the need to confront them for growth.

The imagery of turning off lights, holding breath, and closing eyes reflects a wish to shut down all sensory input. It symbolizes a temporary surrender to the seductive pull of avoidance and numbing oneself to internal and external stressors.

I Want To Be Invisible offers a raw and honest glimpse into a person's moment of struggle. The desire to hide suggests a sense of being overwhelmed and underscores the complex journey of self-understanding and emotional resilience.

Glitterer I Want To Be Invisible Lyrics 

There I was again

Making everything about me in the end

Waste a little time

Forget everything there ever was to find

Because I want to be invisible

But I can't stay that way forever

Because I want to be invisible

But I can't stay that way forever

Maybe I'll turn off the lights

Hold my breath

Close my eyes and I'll pretend

There's nothing left


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