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Little Simz - Protect My Energy

Some new art I’ve made for @littlesimz , trying to emulate the style of @spaceynoodledish with some assets from @other_minerals 🔥⁣

Mate, I've been vibing this new Little Simz album for at least the last month, the album "Sometimes I Might Be Introvert” is an eclectic masterpiece that explores so many themes in R&B, Garage and Rap. Honestly I’m putting this project above Kanyes Donda or Drakes Certified Loverboy. This album deserves your attention more than those and I’m saying that with my whole chest.⁣

This track I’ve picked, Protect My Energy, is an 80’s inspired R&B track that is pretty different to most of Simz 'work and that’s why I picked it, it stands out so much to me. Through her soft vocal delivery and even the dreamscape instrumentals of these funky stubby bass guitar slaps that sounds like they’re being phasered, mixing with jangling synths and a groove that’s absolutely unrivaled. This track is just a pleasure to listen to.⁣

I’m a big fan of the message behind this track such as in the lyrics “ Don't call me/ I don't wanna speak/ I got problems/ But I'm not weak” meaning just get on with whatever life throws at you Whether that’s removing toxic people from your life or whatever. ⁣

Pay attention to this whole album but here’s maybe a Little Simz starting point if you’re new.⁣


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