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Mount Kimbie Boxing Meaning and Featuring King Krule 

Updated: Apr 8

Sonic Dreamscapes and Emotional Ambiguity

Mount Kimbie continue to explore dreamier, more introspective textures on their newest album "The Sunset Violet".  "Boxing", featuring the unmistakable vocals of King Krule, is a prime example of this shift.

The song's sonic landscape blends Mount Kimbie's signature hazy electronic elements with a lo-fi, shoegaze-influenced guitar sound, creating a  sonic bed of melancholic beauty. This sets the stage for King Krule's signature vocals, which float in and out of focus like a half-remembered dream. His voice, although characteristically muffled, cuts through with a raw emotionality that speaks to themes of longing, despair, and a stubborn determination.

Fragmented Lyrics and Lingering Darkness

The lyrics are fragmentary, with disturbing images like "Coffins fill the bed" and  "The third rail, runs through my heart". Yet amidst this darkness, a counterpoint emerges. The repeated refrain "I'm here for you" offers a poignant glimmer of hope and resilience within the struggle.  The unclear lines in the final verse, specifically "The pubs are a death trap...I missed you", heighten this sense of disjointedness and lost connection.

The Power of Ambiguity

This intentional ambiguity of sound and lyricism is a compelling aspect of "Boxing". King Krule's voice becomes part of the sonic atmosphere, while the fragmented lyrics invite the listener to fill the spaces with their own interpretations. It's as if the song mirrors the haze of a troubled mind, where memories and emotions bleed into one another.

Mount Kimbie Boxing Review Featuring Mount Kimbie 

"Boxing" is a captivating and evocative track, a mesmerizing blend of sonic experimentation and emotional rawness. It signifies a continued evolution in Mount Kimbie's sound, while showcasing their powerful collaborative chemistry with King Krule.

Listen to Mount Kimbie Boxing Featuring Mount Kimbie 

Mount Kimbie Boxing Lyrics Meaning Featuring King Krule 

The meaning of Mount Kimbie's "Boxing" is found in the lyrics featuring King Krule, which are deeply evocative and feature imagery of coffins, dangerous situations, and a sense of overwhelming melancholy. These elements suggest that the song deals with profound themes of loss, isolation, and emotional despair. The speaker seems to be grappling with their own darkness while also expressing a longing for connection, possibly hinted at with the line "I missed you."

Despite the bleakness, a thread of resilience emerges within the lyrics. The repetition of "I'm here for you" and "I'll protect you till the end of time" reveals a strong desire to offer support and protection.  This introduces a sense of conflict within the song, balancing despair with a fierce determination to persevere.

The song offers multiple potential interpretations. It could be a depiction of an internal struggle with darkness, where the speaker is battling their own difficult emotions.  Alternatively, the references to "death traps" and "I missed you" could point towards a toxic relationship, with the speaker offering unwavering support to someone caught in a damaging situation. Lastly, the coffin symbolism might suggest a theme of grief, where the speaker attempts to support someone going through loss while dealing with their own sorrow.

A key strength of  "Boxing" is the ambiguity of its lyrics. This lack of a concrete singular meaning allows the listener to deeply personalize the song. Individuals can project their own struggles with pain, love, and loss, making the song a powerfully relatable experience.

Mount Kimbie Boxing Meaning Featuring King Krule 

Coffins fill the bed

I'm watching day of the dead

I'm sleeping with you in mind

I'm weeping with you by my side

I hope everything turns out alright

I'll protect you till the end of time

Ooh, I'm here for you

Well, I was just here just for you

Well, I was here for you

Well, I was only here and just for you

The sleepers, the train yard

The third rail, runs through my heart

And as the sky weeps, the days are grey

All of my memories

I guess I was born this way

Well, I'm here for you

Well, I was just here and just for you

Well, I'm here for you

Well, I was only here and just for you

The pubs are a death trap (The way that we are)

There killing us one by one

I missed you, [?] (The way that we are)



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