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Person Of Interest 1st Collection

A brand that I've had my eyes on for a while has released their first collection🔥 It's honestly the sickest up and coming brand I've ever seen. That takes quality, expression and affordability seriously.

Saying how they saw how fashion is stuck in a rut and is losing it's meaning. ''People are currently either following a trend of fast, throwaway fashion, or they are chasing super expensive high-end fashion garments they often cannot afford purely to flex and impress others.' 'They aim to bring high-end fashion concepts and quality at affordable prices. They definitely managed this with this fire drop.

The collection features two pairs of socks with their Target logo. Which I love, Also a utility chest pack which would be good for any festival. 2 rib t-shirts with their name across the rib of the neck, and two t-shirts. One in black and One in neon for their graphic titled Old Records. (this print comes in a hoodie also) which looks amazing in a washed style and is described as being "Thicker than your favourite rappers WCW" also a flamez mock neck with detailing on the neck and flame print on the arms. so sick.

My favourite piece of this collection is the neon check trousers, which are formal trousers in a relaxed fit, with neon zippers on the side and a neon drawstring. These look so cosy and with a rubber Person Of Interest patch on the back, you can tell they've skipped no corners with this collection.

Check them out now @personofinterestclothing


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