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Traxx - Rivers Of Life Review

Welsh legend Grime legend @traxxworld takes another step into his Solo projects, with his latest track Rivers of Life. This time he’s offering up another wavy hip-hop track, that’s akin to the likes of Mr. Traumatik in tone but Traxx takes some solid strides to differentiate himself in this and release something that’s personal and cathartic.

Traxx calls upon introspective lyrics on Rivers of Life with “We just live cause we’re looking for love, time, is just there in dimensions we know, hope, is the thing ensure we grow and fire, is the passion inside of my soul.” The delivery on Rivers of Life is top-notch, instrumentally we have this siren-like calling that eases in and out and a steady beat that matches and, honestly, if we’re calling up anyone for production on a track then why not call upon Phillipos / @minassound who is hot off producing his record All My Love Has Failed Me that was full of energy one of the best technical records that I’ve heard.

Traxx releasing another solo project excites me, it’s been a while, and whilst we appreciate the new energy and aggression in XL Life, seeing how Traxx has grown as a spiritual and positive rapper is something that I really want to see.

Check out this track below

Traxx - Rivers Of Life Video


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