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Webbed Wing - Right After I Smoke This Review

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

If you are a fan of loud, punchy, and electric rock music, the work of Webbed Wing will feel close to home. Their genre-blending take on grunge/emo music that’s being charged with overdriven guitars is energetic and fun. It has a carefree vibe but still manages to capture the jaded tones reminiscent of this type of music.

Webbed Wing has been creating some sick music for the last couple of years; and their latest EP, "Right After I Smoke This", is no different! The band is currently about on a nationwide US tour (with Drug Church) and with the release of this surprise EP, things are looking pretty promising for them.

Let’s take a listen to Right After I Smoke This by Webbed Wing:

Right After I Smoke This: The complete review

This EP is just seven minutes long and has three fantastic tracks. Each of them has catchy lyrics, groove-worthy music, and infectious energy. If alt-rock music is your jam, you are going to absolutely love this three-piece EP and might find yourself playing it all day.

That said, let's have a look at all three tracks:

1. Medication

The moment we heard the first riff of the opening track, we were instant fans. The song has relatable lyrics, catchy, melodic vocals, and an energetic rhythm. When Taylor Madison sings, "I’ve been avoiding all my problems, I can’t move forward," you will find yourself falling in love with the track.

The deafening guitar notes manage to hit all the right spots and the loud drums will have your feet tapping along in the first eight bars. In short, "Medication" is a total banger, one that you won't be able to ignore!

Webbed Wing - Medication Lyrics

2. Sure Could Use A Friend

Next up is, "Sure Could Use A Friend." Similar to the first track, this one also has punchy notes and energetic vibes.

However, this track stands out because of its dark, humorous lyrics. In the track, the singer starts to promise that he will get his life moving ahead but finds himself bitterly procrastinating in this phase of adulthood.

The lyrics are relatable and carry a soulful twang. The drums and guitar notes in the background form the perfect atmosphere and gives real life to the song. Out of the three tracks, this one impressed us the most.

Webbed Wing - Sure Could Use A Friend Lyrics

3. I'm Feelin' Alive

Finally, the last track, "I'm Feelin' Alive," talks about how the lead singer breaks from his dark thoughts. It’s a complete tune too, with vivacious, punchy notes and electric vibes. There are no superfluous frills or attempts to tone things down. The song is loud and it owns it with grace.

Taylor Madison's impressive vocals accompanied by the excellent backing guitar make the song a must-listen.

Webbed Wing - I'm Feeling Alive Lyrics

[Verse 1] I'm over feeling like the best part's over Like everything is just so pointless until the end I think I've earned it from the weight I've shouldered I'm sick of waiting and I've been waiting a long time [Chorus] I'm feeling alive, I don't wanna die I'm seeing it all for the first time But how do I keep these feelings awake And the other ones asleep? [Post-Chorus] I don't know [Verse 2] It's always scratching at the back of my head I can admit that I've been way too cruel at the wrong times [Chorus] It's coming alive, what if I die? I swear to God that I ain't high But how do I get thesе feelings away And the other ones to stay? I'm feeling alivе, I don't wanna die I'm seeing it all for the first time But how do I keep these feelings awake And the other ones asleep?

We recommend Right After I Smoke This

So, that was our complete review of Webbed Wing's EP- Right After I Smoke This. All three songs are unique and equally fun. The energy is high in all of them, and we’re sure the band will get some new fans after the release of these tracks. Overall, we were thoroughly impressed with the Webbed Wing's work and cannot wait to see what they do next!

Right After I Smoke This Album Cover

Webbed Wings album cover for Right After I smoke This is a fun take on the classic Looney Tunes That's All Folks end title card.


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