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Billy Bragg - Which Side Are You On Review

Which Side Are You On is a cover by Billy Bragg who is always able to capture the political zeitgeist in his music. ⁣

Billy released this track in 1984 during Thatchers bloody reign over England. It’s easy to see why Bragg wanted to cover this song at the time, as we all know what Thatcher did to coal mine workers…⁣

“This government had an idea⁣

And parliament made it law⁣

It seems like it's illegal⁣

To fight for the union any more⁣

Which side are you on, boys?⁣

Which side are you on?⁣

We set out to join the picket line⁣

For together we cannot fail⁣

We got stopped by police at the county line⁣

They said, "Go home boys or you're going to jail”⁣

With the country being rife in riots and violence during a tory government Bragg just wanted to exercise his voice to show his stands with the unions.⁣

Let me know what your favourite protest song is in the comments.⁣


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