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Citizen - Open Your Heart - Single Review

Updated: Jan 13

@Citizentheband released one of the most honest and cathartic albums last year with As You Please and just like their single Nail In Your Hand was a B side to Everyone Goes to Heaven. We now have this B side "Open Up Your Heart".

Open Up Your Heart is very much a product of AYP, same tone, same range of dynamics, lead singer Mat Kerekes brings a wistful voice to this track. It's hard to see why this song didn't make it into the final project. In my opinion, it does feel a bit like a finisher being accompanied by these violins and a piano to an explosive close, so maybe they were scared it would take away from "Flowerchild"

Either way, this song is amazing and you need to check it out if you've been a fan of anything that citizen has done over the past 4 years.

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