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Stray Rats Drop End Of Summer Garms

@strayrats is a brand that comes from Miami and has it's history in hardcore music. The owner of the brand even fronts the hardcore band Liberty. if you want to check them out.I think this is personally the reason why this brand stands out to me as it's clear to see they draw inspiration from these punk niches.

With clothes that look like band merch, some religious imagery and pieces which look influenced by those 80s punk zines. Hell they even show off a 50X60 woven tapestry from a painting from Andrew Barnes depicting Jesus holding a rat. which is sold out already, I hope they drop some more of these because they're so sick. Although, they're stocking Tees with this painting on which are equally as sick.Go check out the full collection at or link in the bio #streetwear#diy#hardcore#strayrats


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